SALARY : R142 461 per annum plus benefits

Closing Date: 12 September 2016

CENTRE : Ekurhuleni South REF NO: ES2016/09/109 (X 4 Posts); ); Ekurhuleni North REF NO: EN2016/09/179 (x3 posts) Gauteng North REF NO: GN2016/09/110 (X 1 Post); Gauteng West REF NO: GW2016/09/111 (X 2 Posts); Johannesburg West, REF NO: JW2016/09/112 (X 4 Posts); Sedibeng West, REF NO: SW2016/09/113 (X 1 Post); Tshwane North REF NO: TN2016/09/114 (X 2 Posts); Tshwane South REF NO: TS2016/09/115 (X 1 Post) Ekurhuleni South REF NO: ES2016/09/116 (X 1 Post); Ekurhuleni North REF NO: EN2016/09/117 ; Gauteng North REF NO: GN2016/09/118 (X 2 Posts); Gauteng West REF NO: GW2016/09/119 (X 1 Post); Johannesburg South REF NO: JS2016/09/120(X 1 Post); Sedibeng East, REF NO:SE2016/09/121 (X 1 Post); 79 Tshwane North REF NO: TN2016/09/122 (X 2 Posts); Tshwane South REF NO: TS2016/09/123 (X 2 Posts)

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 or equivalent qualifications and at least relevant experience. Completed courses and experience in word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software packages. Organising. Planning. Problem solving. Analytical Computer. Time management. Minute taking. Conflict management. Financial management. planning/management Inter-personal relations. Verbal and written communication. Self-disciplined and able to work under pressure with minimum supervision. Working knowledge of the relevant Acts, prescripts, regulations, practice notes and procedures pertaining to Public Administration, Finance, labour relations, human resource administration, HR provisioning, and Human Resource Management. Dictaphones, computer, printer, photocopier, fax machine and MS Office software i.e. Word, Excel.


DUTIES : Provide all personnel administration services on PERSAL. Render appointments services. Render Conditions of services: Appointments, Leave, Terminations, Qualifications bonus, Housing Allowances, and any salary related matters. Implement Performance Management Development System appraisals for all employees in the Department. Implement all departmental Human Resource policies, strategies and procedures to ensure adherence by Departmental personnel. Assist in the coordination of HR administration activities / processes. Capture accurate information on PERSAL. Ensure compliance with the HR related statutory requirements. Participate in the implementation and maintenance of effective and efficient administrative systems and procedures within the Directorate. Provide Human Resource Advisory services to all Departmental personnel. Guide and advice personnel on human resource administration matters to enhance the correct implementation of personnel administration practices/ policies. Assist in the co-ordination of information sharing sessions for all the personnel in the Department. Deal with all HRA related queries.

ENQUIRIES : Ms. Emily Mochela (EN): Tel 011 746 8190, Mr. X Kheswa (ES) Tel 011 389 6034, Mr. AA Mdunyelwa (GN): Tel 012 846 3507, Ms. Louisa Dhlamini (GW) Tel 011 660 4581, Mr. Patrick Sesane (JS) Tel 011 247 5957, Ms. Nntombi Moyo (SE): Tel 016 440 1748, Ms. Priscilla Ravele (TN): Tel 012 543 1044, Ms. M Van Der Walt (TS) Tel 012 401 6363

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