REF NO: 180518/15
NWRI: Central Operations
SALARY : R90 234 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : Standerton
REQUIREMENTS : ABET. Knowledge of store equipment and appliances. Knowledge of receiving and issuing materials. Knowledge of tracking order of status. Knowledge of updating stores procedures. Knowledge of chemical use (dilusions / mix) chemical product knowledge. Knowledge of daily maintenance procedures for efficient machine/equipment performance. Basic knowledge in supporting water utilisation and water resource strategy. Knowledge of health and safety procedures. Knowledge of stores maintenance and issuing practices. Basic understanding of Government legislation.
DUTIES : Ensure that stock and material are received and issued in the stores. Received and distribute non stores goods to correct components or officials. Ensure that stocks control and economic levels are maintained. Arrange logistics of materials to sites which are purchased by various components. Updating of materials on the stock collating material requisition.
ENQUIRIES : MS PN Myeni, Tel No: 017 712 9400

CLOSING DATE : 18 May 2018 Time: 16H00

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