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Mandela Gold coin story;

He spent 18 years of his 27 years’ imprisonment on Robben Island. The prison became a symbol of Mandela’s long walk to freedom years to come. The island was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 & will always be recognised as a powerful place in South African landmarks.

Mandela gold coin are R5 coins with the face of former president Nelson Mandela have a special symbolic appeal, and the most recently issued one was to celebrate Mandelas 90th birthday in 2008.

Mandela Gold coin for his 90th birthday coins sold for R2.5 million ! Amazing hey

Some Nelson Mandela Gold coin sell for anything between R50 000 & a couple of thousands of rands.

Mandela Gold coin , remember, is just a plain R5 coins. There is nothing special or rare about them *more than 22 million were issued by the South African Mint_company.

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